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Stavros is a voracious reader about anything that has to do with the Miami real estate market. In a trade magazine he learned of a Florida law that stipulates that condominiums cannot charge in excess of $100 for a renter or a new owner to apply to live in the building or transfer a property. The revelation was shocking because most condo associations in Miami-Dade county charge well in excess of the $100 legal limit. Stavros compiled copious research on condo application & transfer fees from the MLS and took the damning evidence to the Miami Herald, who did a full investigation of the widespread problem and published an article that rocked the Florida real estate market. Lawyers are lining up to file class actions at what is likely to be hundreds of condos. The action will please condo purchasers in luxury condominiums, but the biggest impact it will likely have is on low-income families that are applying to rent and buy condos throughout Florida.

In reference to my search for a condo in Miami Beach, Stavros was amazing. He particularly excels at research and negotiation. I set an extreme goal with Stavros to negotiate the sellers asking price down by 20%. I never expected him to get there but he did! Hint: Stavros writes the most comprehensive real estate blog in Miami!