Nicole L.

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Stavros is a really great and hard-working realtor in Miami. He’s always quick to respond to phone calls and texts and he knows the area very well. In addition, he’s very honest and will always let you know the negatives of a place, as well as the positives. Stavros is always looking out for his clients’ best interests – when things went pretty badly during my search (due to other terrible realtors in the Miami area), Stavros worked extremely hard to make sure I didn’t lose the condo I had signed the lease on. Even when I thought I was going to lose my condo and would not be able to come down till Miami until my move-in day, I trusted Stavros to find a condo for me as I was confident he knew what I wanted and would find a good place. Between what I saw while apartment hunting and what I’ve heard from friends down here, a lot of Miami realtors are horrifying, but Stavros is way above the rest of them.