Laura D.

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Taking the plunge and deciding to find a condo in Miami Beach was a daunting task, especially since we were remote, and doing most everything sight-unseen. However, working with Stavros made the entire process a breeze. From the start, he took the time to find out exactly what we wanted, gave us really great advice on what to look for and what to avoid, and set up custom searches for us in his real estate portal. When we were in town on a few occasions, he drove us around and walked us through several neighborhoods, just so we could get a feeling of the different areas around Miami Beach. From there, every time we saw something of interest in the real estate portal, he immediately contacted the listing agent to get more information. Without his guidance, we definitely would have made some mis-steps, and not be as thrilled as we are with our new place. He did an excellent job of detailing out what we needed to prepare, questions to ask, following up with the listing agent, documenting everything, and making sure we were covered with every aspect of the process. He’s an excellent resource of information for everything related to the island; where to eat, where to go out, shopping, avoiding traffic, local attractions, day trip excursions, you name it. I now feel right at home in Miami Beach, thanks to Stavros. He’s more than just a Realtor, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.