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I began the process of trying to find a short-term apartment in Miami by using Craigslist. Turns out it was FULL of scams! So I turned to licensed realtor in order to feel safe about the transaction. I couldn’t have been luckier to find Stavros. I was looking for a 3 month lease but the way he treated me, you’d think I was buying a multi-million dollar home! He was incredibly responsive to my emails, calls, and texts, day or night. He made time to spend an entire day with my wife and I (on OUR schedule) looking at multiple units. We had numerous hiccups with apartments that fell through for various reasons but he never gave up or let us become frustrated. Stavros’ knowledge of the Miami market was extensive, which was invaluable to us as we knew next to nothing going in. We now have an amazing apartment in our preferred neighborhood and couldn’t be happier! Do yourself a favor and let a true professional help you, whether you’re renting or buying.