Miami is One of the Top Ranked Cities in the World!

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Miami is one of the top ranked cities in the world

Miami is one of the top ranked cities in the world, consistently. Miami’s rapidly growing technology and startup sectors and our year-round perfect weather makes Miami the “Happiest City to Work” in the United States, according to Career Bliss. According to, Miami is the #2 destination in the country for ‘millennials’.

Miami’s evolution from a tourist city to one of the world’s top ranked cities is proven in the statistics:

  • International home sales in South Florida in 2016 totaled 6.2 Billion dollars
  • Miami is home to 1,000 Multinational companies
  • Miami has 55 foreign consulates, 30 bi-national chambers of commerce & 18 foreign trade offices
  • Miami is the #1 market for international real estate buyers and is expected to outperform every other U.S. market long into the future
  • Miami is the “Happiest City to Work” (Source: Career Bliss – January 2016)
  • Miami is the #3 most fun city in America (Source: Wallet Hub – 2016)
  • 15.5 million travelers visited Miami in 2015
  • Miami has 84 Miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline
  • Miami has 67 Square miles of inland waterways
  • Miami is the #1 Most International City in The United States (Source: U.S. Census Bureau)
  • Miami is the 5th most walkable city in the entire country (Source:
  • Miami-Dade County is home to 24 Universities & Colleges
  • 5.1 Million cruise ship passengers passed through the Port of Miami in 2016 and we handled 8.9 million tons of cargo
  • Miami has 15 miles of beaches, known around the world
  • The average temperature in Miami is a perfect 75 degrees
  • Miami is the #4 healthiest city in America (Source: Livability – April 2015)
  • Miami has the #2 fastest growing economy of any large U.S. city (Source: Wallet Hub – September 2015)