Improve Quality of Life in Miami Beach by Reporting Code Violations

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Realtors, homeowners, and renters: maintaining our neighborhoods and our community’s quality of life is a shared responsibility between all of us; and the city of Miami Beach has a code compliance department that’s there specifically to enforce the codes that keep our neighborhoods clean and safe. Our code compliance officers monitor residential and commercial districts for violations of the city code, and are responsible for ensuring compliance. As a resident of Miami Beach, you can do your part to improve our neighborhoods by understanding what is legal and illegal, and reporting every violation that you see to our Code Compliance Department.

Below are the most commonly reported violations; we encourage you to report any of them that you see in your neighborhood:

    • Illegal Dumping Keep your neighborhood clean – don’t dump illegally! Single-family homes or residents with residential city service trash pickup are allotted 4 free bulk pick-ups a year with a scheduled appointment. Please do not place garbage or trash out for collection on the swale (adjacent city property that includes a depression created in the ground that carries rainwater by gravity away from your home and property) more than 24 hours before your scheduled collection time. With proof of residency, Miami Beach residents also have the ability to discard bulk items and other refuse at no cost. For more information on proper disposal for residents, contact the sanitation department at 305-673-7616.
    • Littering Throwing trash such as paper, bottles, cans, food containers and even litter left behind by cat feeders on the ground is illegal littering. Littering is illegal, harmful to the environment and just looks bad. Help keep Miami Beach clean by trashing your trash and recycling your recyclables, visit to learn more, and educate everyone you know about this urgent issue in Miami Beach.
    • Overgrowth Rainy season means grass grows faster than usual. Every property owner is required to maintain their property and swale by cutting their grass regularly and keeping the area free of weeds.
    • Graffiti Properties must be graffiti-free. Please cover graffiti with matching paint. Businesses have seven days from the day of citation to correct the violation and residents are allowed 10 days. If you see graffiti, you can report it using the free e-Gov App below or via this link.
    • Signage (unpermitted & prohibited) Posting ANY signs on public property is illegal, and under certain circumstances will result in violations and fines. While election signs are not allowed on public property, they are allowed on private properties within certain specifications. Please contact the code compliance department for more information at 305.673.7555. All real estate signs without a permit are illegal.
    • Illegal or Unlicensed Short-Term Rentals Pursuant to the Miami Beach City Codes (Sec 142-1111 and Sec. 142-905) (Miami Beach Land Development Regulation – Chapter 142, Article IV, Division 3) vacation/short-term rentals are prohibited in all single-family homes and in many multi-family housing buildings in certain zoning districts of Miami Beach. Approved vacation/short-term rentals must have the proper authorization and zoning approval for this activity, including a business tax receipt. If a building or unit is found to be operating a short-term rental illegally, tenants/visitors will be vacated and fines will apply to the owner. For more information, visit:
    • Boats, Trailers, & Scooters Boats, boat trailers, camper trailers, recreational vehicles, and scooters must be parked on a paved, permanent surface area on the side of your home or backyard. These types of vehicles are not permitted to be used as a dwelling and cannot be visible from any right-of-way or adjoining property. If you see illegally parked vehicles, you can report them using the free e-Gov App below.
    • Property Maintenance of Structures Property maintenance standards are crucial to the prevention of blight and decay, and the safeguarding of public health, safety, morals and welfare. Please keep your area and surrounding property not just clean, trimmed and painted, but ensure there are no visible signs of decay (broken windows, peeling paint, broken fences, unmaintained landscaping, pest infestations, etc.). If you see unmaintained properties, you can report them using the free e-Gov App below.
    • Items or Activities that Require a City Permit Some of the most common items requiring a permit include: real estate signs and garage sale signs. Permits can be acquired through the license division at 305-673-7420; Permits for painting the exterior of a building can be obtained through the Planning Department at 305.673.7550; and building renovations and fences prepared through the Building Department at 305-673-7610.
    • Dogs and Other Pets Dogs and other animals must be on a leash when in public. If you see any pet that is off-leash, you should report it immediately by calling 305-673-9453.
    • Commercial Storefronts Brown paper covering the windows of empty commercial storefronts is illegal. The city has launched a program to eliminate the appearance of blighted empty storefronts. The city will provide window covers to replace the ugly brown paper we often see. If you see a storefront with illegal brown paper, you should report it by calling 305-673-9453 or by using the free e-Gov App below.
    • Other Issues There are many other things that you can report through the app or via phone that the City of Miami Beach ENCOURAGES you to report. These items include damaged or cracked sidewalks or curbs, potholes, standing water, broken or defaced crosswalk signals, broken street lights, and many more items. The free e-Gov App will provide you with a list of items that the City wants you to report or you can simply read the City of Miami Beach website to learn more.


    Improve Quality of Life in Miami Beach by Reporting Code Violations

    City of Miami Beach e-Gov Cell Phone App

    The City of Miami Beach has a free cell phone app designed specifically for you to report every code violation that you notice. The app connects you directly with the City of Miami Beach government to resolve issues in the community in a snap. Report concerns, track requests and provide comments. The app also has a ton of other useful features for residents.

    Download the Miami Beach e-Gov app today and improve the quality of life of our community!

    City of Miami Beach E-Gov – Android Apps on Google Play

    City of Miami Beach e-Gov on the App Store – iTunes – Apple

    Urgent Reporting of Violations: If you see a violation that requires an IMMEDIATE response (off-leash dogs, illegally parked cars, dog owners not picking up their dog waste, etc. etc. you should report it immediately by calling 305-673-9453, not by using the cell phone app.

    Facebook Group: If you are concerned about the quality of life, and cleanliness of our city, and want to join our public group of like-minded residents that was started by my friend Michael DeFilippi, you can join our group here: Clean Up Miami Beach on Facebook